What Influences the Charges of an Airport Transfer Service in Halifax?

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Hey, are you on a plan to book an airport limousine, sedan, or minivan between your destination to Halifax airport? You have made a great decision! After all, nothing is worse than waiting for a private cab or bus on the roadside with luggage. But as a trip should be hassle-free and you don’t want to miss the flight, considering an airport transfer service in Halifax is the best option. But before you book, you should have an estimation of their charges! Let’s get started!

Factors Affect the Cab Fares of an Airport Transfer Service in Halifax

Pre-booking an airport limo, sedan, or minivan, whatever you need, is better to save time and arrive at the airport on time. However, though we charge affordably, our taxi fares can drive up sometimes. And it depends on different factors that influence your costs.

Amenities you select:

Every airport limousine or sedan comes with some advanced equipment and is well-maintained. For instance, it may cost you more than you estimated while looking for an airport limo with plenty of legroom and comfortable seats. Again, if you want a sedan with a TV set or a high-end music system, be ready to pay higher. But make sure you are clear about what you need and what not!

Type of car you choose:

While booking an airport transfer service in Halifax, you can have options to choose from the fleets. Depending on your accommodation needs, you can pick one. Now, the charges may be high when you select any luxurious airport limo for business travel. On the other hand, when you are travelling alone or with a small group of three, go for a sedan that can hold up to four people. It may cost you a little low!

How long have you been using the cab?

We charge $63 from Halifax to the Halifax International Airport. And depending on distance, it will increase. For example, the fare is $70 from Spryfield to the airport. But you may have to pay for the time your chauffeur will wait for you. Because recent news shows, “Taxi and limousine fares in Halifax will go up on Tuesday evening for the first time since October 2012, largely due to the price of gas. Fares will be raised an average of 12.1 percent.”

Hopefully, you get what can influence the charges for an airport transfer service in Halifax. And if you need to book one, just contact us! Stay connected!

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