Halifax Taxi Hire Services: Here’s How To Avoid Airport Taxis Scams!

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Not knowing the local customs, currency or language means that tourists can be easy prey to scammers in Halifax.

Taxi drivers, for example, have been notorious to charge too much, adding extra costs, taking long routes, offering wrong change, and stealing possessions from unwary tourists.

Unfortunately, scams are at times part of the adventure that’s called travelling.

Most Halifax taxi hire services are dependable but not every one of them. You can keep yourself away from their scams by taking some measures such as planning correctly, booking airport taxis and making prepaid bookings.

Here, we’ll sum up a few proven ways to avoid airport taxi scams. If you are visiting Halifax this Halloween, you have to read these ways carefully. That’s because numbers of travellers at this specific time of the year is high, so presumably, the number of scammers will also be high. Also, in some of our Facebook posts, we have mentioned these scams in detail.

1. Do Your Research Correctly

A common way to keep yourself away from taxi scams is to research and find out a dependable airport taxi hire service.

A few taxi drivers take travellers on long “scenic” routes in order to run up the meter. So, before even sitting in their car, research the fastest route from/to the airport. And, make sure the driver takes that specific route.

Or, you can go for an airport taxi with pricing that includes charges for midway pick-ups & drop-offs or wait times. Like this, you won’t have to pay more for long distances and added services, such as loading & unloading luggage, as they’re all included. To know about us and our charges, you can follow our Instagram profile.

2. Always Choose Licensed Taxis

Unlicensed or unmarked taxis typically offer unbelievably cheap rates that seem attractive to tourists on a strict budget. But, you typically get what you pay for. Moreover, unlicensed taxis with inexpert drivers do not follow industry regulations.

Drivers who are not trained and licensed properly may debatably put you at risk of accident or theft. Since safety is a traveller’s number-1 priority, always consider booking licensed airport taxis. Your taxi must sport a noticeable company logo and phone number.

Also, you must book a vehicle from a reputed Halifax taxi hire service provider that appoints chauffeurs through a widespread selection process. Ensure that you ask the service provider about their driver’s permits and licenses. If at all possible, request them to show you some proof of their licenses.

Quality airport taxis are mainly suggested for tourists with disabilities as they train chauffeurs to handle a wheelchair and deal with their special requirements. Visit our Service page to find out which cars can we offer you.

3. Search for Great Customer Care

Though not common, a few cabbies drive off with their customers’ luggage or personal possessions. Others will orally abuse their clients. Unlike airport taxis, normal cabs do not always provide a helpline for travellers to contact if they face trouble during the ride.

To avoid robbery while travelling in an airport taxi, keep your precious possessions with you in the backseat, even though it means keeping your bag on your lap. Never put your wallet, electronics or passport in the trunk, and delay paying the fee until all your possessions have been unloaded.

If you feel suspicious or unsafe while in a taxi, capture photographs of the driver’s license details and report them once you have exited the car safely.

Bottom Line

So, in order to have a safe journey, make sure you watch out for these situations. If you are interested to choose one of the best Halifax taxi hire services, Contact Us. We are known to take care of our clients in the best way possible.

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